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Navy Retirement Sea Chests

Where will I get my Retirement Sea Chest or Shadowbox? Who will make it in time for my Navy retirement? Can I get a shadowbox that is truly unique?

Allow us to answer these questions for you. If you are looking for a retirement sea chest, a plaque for any occasion or a shadowbox, please consider this website as the end of your search. Take the time to browse the pages and view the featured retirement memorabilia. Everything you see here is hand made according to your specifications. When you feel you have found something that will suit you, please fill out the contact form and we´ll get in touch with you promptly.

If there´s something that you don´t see here but would like to order it anyway, please let us know and we will do our best to make sure your needs are met.


Small ChestBy vetereans for veterans... All work here is done by hand and each design is unique. Although we do build the "standard" variety of shadowboxes, we like to stretch our creativity and come up with something truly unique. We hope you will give us a chance to do just that for you.

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